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is a substack newsletter where I share musings on my images along with unpublished unedited pictures from my contact sheets. 

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ROLL 431 | FRAME 30
Ofelia and Alejandro, Mexico City, February 2023.

24. A picture of my parents

I have been thinking about photographing my parents. In a talk I had with Kelly Long she asked me when was the first time I collaborated with them in my work. Full text and contact sheet image       
ROLL 483 | FRAME 30
Brooklyn, December 2023.

23. A picture of a car and three flies

When Jaclyn Dooner approached me to be part of Interwoven: Unveiling the Poetics of Observation, we both knew it was going to be up at the same time as my solo show at Baxter Street. I said yes because I love working with Miriam gallery and I was moved by my inclusion on such a special show. Full text and contact sheet image       
ROLL 446 | FRAME 30
Martha, Brooklyn, June 2023.

22. Self-portrait with Dylan's hair

This week I wrapped up both my photobook class at Parsons and my work-study program at ICP. I felt so connected to my students that it was so hard to let go. This was a challenging time to be an educator and I felt so grateful for how wonderful my students were. Full text and contact sheet image

ROLL 465 | FRAME 24
Martha, Queens, September 2023.

21. A belated self-portrait

I just printed this picture for my upcoming show at Baxter Street (Opening May 1st! save the date). I have been thinking about the pictures in this show for about a year now and seeing it big stirred feelings in me. I took this picture last summer at the Rockaways, a Saturday early in the morning, before people arrived. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 294 | FRAME 07
Brooklyn, April 2021.

19. A picture of two cats

I take lots of pictures of cats looking out of windows. I think it is not only because I like cats, but also because cats don’t usually go out and yet they are interested in the outside. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 402 | FRAME 21
Alejandro, Atizapán, August 2022.

18. A picture of a hand

When I was a teenager my mother bought me an Antonioni book and a Buñuel book. In both, there was a section where it would tell you their obsessions and recurrent imagery. When I’m editing a show, as I was just now, my own become obvious to me. I like hands, I have always had. Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 362 | FRAME 09
Martha, Mexico City, December 2021.

17. A picture of an unrully plant

Living things can’t be controlled in the same way as inert objects. I like when plants laugh at our plans for them. Walk for a couple minutes in Mexico City and it will be obvious why I am so attracted to unwieldy plants.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 416 | FRAME 14
Martha, Saugerties, November 2022.

16. A fall self-portrait

At the end of November last year I listened to the Helen Molesworth’s podcast about the life, work, and death of Ana Mendieta. I was filled with anger and frustration but also with kinship towards another Latina immigrant artist in New York.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 420 | FRAME 18
Martha, Cortland, December 2022.

15. A self-portrait in the cold

I took this picture in the coldest day of 2022. The snow beneath my bare feet felt more like fire. I wanted to be wearing only a huipil that used to be my mother’s and knickers that my mother-in-law had just given me.  
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 157 | FRAME 11
Brooklyn, March 2020.

14. A picture of the moon

Dylan and I got married March 6th, 2020. I was running on pure haze. The day of our wedding and the days that followed were adorned by a gigantic moon. The last full moon of winter, a supermoon.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 338 | FRAME 01
Martha, Brooklyn, August 2021.

13. A picture of myself with farmer's market bounty

I went to undergrad for film. As much as I love the medium, I didn’t enjoy the film set or the type of restricted collaboration that film requires. Right before I graduated I starting engaging with photography.
Full text and contact sheet image

ROLL 362 | FRAME 14
Dylan, Mexico City, December 2021.

12. A picture of Dylan for his birthday

When I bought the plants in my apartment in Brooklyn I bought a number of plants found on Mexico City streets. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 278 | FRAME 29
Kat, Brooklyn, January 2021.

11. A picture of Kat and an apology

Kat moved from Brooklyn to São Paulo earlier this year. She is one of my dearest friends and having her so far away has been sad. Today I remember how in what turned out to be the coldest day of 2021, we met halfway between my place and hers to have tea and doughnuts. It was back when you couldn’t go inside anywhere so we had a very cold hang-out. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 328 | FRAME 15
Dylan, Livingston, July 2021.

10. A picture of Dylan at a wedding

To anyone who is familiar with my work it will come as no surprise that Dylan is my muse. My process of taking pictures of him looks to the outsider like myas if I am just saying “hold it there while I get camera”, “tilt your head up a little” or “go sit there and find your light”. There is not much that happens when I take these portraits, but it is all informed by love and admiration.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 363 | FRAME 20
Alejandro, Atizapán, December 2021.

9. Another picture of my father

The first person I met who was excited about taking pictures was my father. When I was born he bought a book on how to take good pictures and a Minolta SLR. The pictures of my early years are thrilling and I can tell that he was excited to be a new father and entertained by me. Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 323 | FRAME 07
Dylan, Brooklyn, June 2021.

8. A picture of Dylan and water

Someone recently told me that the key to happiness is having something in your calendar to look forward to.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 366 | FRAME 01
Alejandro, Atizapán, December 2021.

7. A picture of my father

There is not a lot to say about this picture. This is the front of my parents house and my dad was going through his cacti one by one and telling me exactly how big they were when they got them and how much they had grown since then.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 153 | FRAME 10
Ofelia, Brooklyn, March 2020.

6. A picture of my mother

I learnt to love family pictures when as a teenager I was mesmerized by photos of my mother from when I was little.  
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 365 | FRAME 20
Martha, Atizapán, December 2021.

5. A self-portrait

Self-portraits have the unique quality of being the subject you are most particular about and the one you can’t see while you capture it. I do take a decent amount of self-portraits although I almost never know how to deal with them. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 263 | FRAME 10
Brooklyn, December 2020.

4. A picture of discarded objects

When I moved to the States in 2014 I started photographing with my 35mm camera. Very quickly I went down a path lots of us New York transplants go: I started photographing garbage on the street. I don’t know why. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 226 | FRAME 14
Becca and Brittany, Livonia, August 2020.

3. A light-leaked picture

There’s some times when I pack lots of rolls for a vacation and end up taking only a few shots. The opposite happened when in 2020 I went to Livonia NY to meet Dylan’s family on his dad’s side. I took so many pictures and light leaked two rolls in my excitement. 
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 217 | FRAME 11
Dylan, Livonia, August 2020.

2. A picture of Dylan

I did not really photograph people much before meeting Dylan. He inspired me to express my love for him through photographs and I eventually translated that skill into taking pictures of others.
Full text and contact sheet image
ROLL 306 | FRAME 02
Pina and Dylan, Brooklyn, May 2021.

1. A picture of Pina

It is hard to have any type of venture outside your art practice without having less time and headspace for it. I started Matarile Ediciones last year and even though I feel more creative than I have in a long time, I also feel like I am less of an artist.
Full text and contact sheet image