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Sangre de mi Sangre

32 pages
5.5” ✕ 8”
Edited by Justine Kurland
Designed by Aline Enríquez
Published by Matarile Ediciones

               From Martha Naranjo Sandoval, Sangre de mi Sangre by Olga Yatskevich for Collector DailyIn March of 2020, just before the pandemic began, she married her husband Dylan. “As newlyweds, we would be unable to leave the house for months, cementing the bond between us in ways unimaginable just weeks before,” she writes. As she applied for her marriage Green Card, Sandoval had to go through a scrupulous, bureaucratic process which required the couple to prove their relationship with hard evidence. “But how do you demonstrate strong bonds of affection and intimacy?” she asks.

The photographs in the zine capture Sandoval and her husband sharing tender and intimate moments, paired with observations of everyday life. Her images often focus on his long red hair, his body, his legs, and how they move together as a couple in their space. The zine opens with a shot of Sandoval on the street, looking back over her shoulder, while the photo on the right captures a small cactus planted on the side of the road. The juxtaposition makes clear parallels between a cactus growing in an alien environment and the artist herself living in a foreign country. The next spread pairs two photographs, one of Sandoval posing nude in her apartment with rays of sunshine on her body, and a second of her husband outside in a washed pink t-shirt – and then we notice that the artist is also present in the reflection of the building as she takes his photograph.